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The City and Planners have shown yet another plan. One where they want to trade land that has been fought for, now under the jurisdiction of the Milwaukee County Board, for land that that the community has clearly stated they want to save.  Was this their ultimate goal? to start developing the east side of Discovery Parkway. There is no room left for any more compromises or land swaps. -All the remaining natural areas must be preserved. Coalition Map

The body of preservation work that has been accomplished over the past 20 years has resulted in plans—good plans—that protect these remaining natural areas, County Grounds Park, and protect the value these grounds have generated for Wauwatosa.

Our comments reflect the public’s position. link

A draft Environmental Report has been completed. These findings show the environmental impacts the WLSD plan would have on the area of the Sanctuary Woods.


Resolved to protect the remaining land on the Northeast Quadrant and have it designated as Parkland.

20 years later, the citizens of Milwaukee County are again working to finally protect this Milwaukee treasure for future generations-

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This is and overlay showing the area of the

Northeast Quadrant in question. Click for larger


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The Wauwatosa City Council and Mayor are proposing to develop the last undeveloped part of the County Grounds. If you would like to keep the County Grounds in its current state, please add your voice to our petition!

Petition Evaluation of Plan


A critique of the Life Sciences Plan submitted to Wauwatosa by Ed Sternberg Ph.D., life sciences entrepreneur "Evaluation of the Life Sciences District Master Plan"



The County Grounds Coalition Frequently Asked Questions: Over development can actually shrink the City's tax base by devaluing the community's property as a more


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Understanding the issue

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Life Sciences Master Plan


Impacts to wildlife on

The County Grounds

Environmental Report

URGENT: County Board needs to hear from you by Thursday

The Milwaukee County Board is responding to our letters, emails, phone calls and vocal presence

 and is ready to act, perhaps as early as this week! Keep up the pressure-we’ve come so far!

Here’s another opportunity to make a call, write another email, and if you can,

attend the meeting to support the new resolution requesting that the City of Wauwatosa

rezone the remainder of the County Grounds as County Parkland!   Read On…

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